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Jordan Blog Reform Protests In Jordan, The Good The Bad and The Ugly! [مظاهرات الاردن]

Protests In Jordan, The Good The Bad and The Ugly! [مظاهرات الاردن]

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25 February 2011 18:35 |

Following the weekly protests being held in Jordan, Amman Downtown, on Fridays since couple of months now, there has been a fast growing amount of aggregated talks, pictures, impressions and thoughts storming Jordanian minds lately, along with a huge media coverage & stress, following the revolutionist trend in the Arab World; publishing facts sometimes and other times going for vague & overhasty pieces to drive commercial traffic. I have been going through loads of conversations on Protests and Reform in Jordan, so here I will list some thoughts and suggestions, arguing good, bad and ugly behaviors.

The Good

  • Protesting for rational reform not upheaval. Peaceful demonstrations asking for particular & micro solutions along with actions for the government to take in order to advance and comfort the majority of people.
  • Rational call for reform and improvement for the best of Jordan, via other channels rather than protesting, delivering alternative plans to the government might be more efficient sometimes as it will deliver wise alternatives for limitations that Jordanians face with time-frame and milestones per each, without causing upheavals all around.
  • Monitoring Government and Parliament, while pointing solutions rather than problems, appreciating blessings like safety and platform provided by the monarchy, beside  constructively criticize government for the best of our country.
  • Giving people in charge a time-frame, space and chances to take actions, such reforms cannot be achieved overnight, beside appreciating steps being taken as protests go.
  • Appreciating people who found their way legally and worked hard to reform themselves 1st, hence got totally satisfied with current situation in Jordan.
  • Intellectual conversations should be factual, respectful, logical, emotionless, and peaceful attached with high tolerance and patience.
Protests in Jordan, مظاهرات عمان الاردن

Protests in Amman, Jordan | مظاهرات عمان الاردن

The Bad

  • Calling and causing upheavals in our peaceful country Jordan.
  • Going emotional, extremist and overhasty.
  • Imitating and duplicating what is happening in other countries into Jordan. Playing on people's minds for personal benefits.
  • Ignoring the fact that safety is the most important platform, politics is way too complicated, and changes need time; especially at a calm country in a noisy neighborhood, bordered by Israel, Palestine, Iraq and embracing all who faced unrest and wars in their countries, along with those who asked for Jordan safety and platform to proceed with their achievements, beside native Jordanians all in one melting pot. Ignoring that Hashemites have proven their wisdom in ruling Jordan at thick and thin.
  • Protesting for the sake of protesting and opposition, thinking that those who worked hard and found their way through got fooled by the government or king. So all protesters are just clever enough, rather than some of them might be lazy enough.
  • Blaming others rather than oneself. People should learn that reform starts from the man in the mirror, everyone should work harder and go for tangible achievements in order to help himself and others. "If You Want To Make The World A Better Place, Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change".
  • Protesting while driving a Mercedes, or having a 3G connection in your pocket, or digital protesting from outside against something you have never experienced. Let the people who actually need the reform act so people in charge wont miss the point. And if you are that rich then start helping the poor yourself, build projects and invest in this country.

The Ugly

  • Violence; we should understand that there are extremists form both sides, anti-government and pro-government. People in Jordan are known to be super loyal to the royal family as per the precious platform they provide, extremists at this side don't need to be paid in order to secure Jordan and Royal Family, they love them by heart. On the other hand, there are extremists from the opposition side, who don't appreciate any thing, blame everyone else, irrational and offensive. Blind-Patriotism against Blind-Opposition will sure result in violence, so we all should be more rational, modest and responsible to maintain peace in Jordan.

On last Friday violence where seven got injured, blind opposites have blamed government and police for sending such people, trying to duplicate Egypt's case and sparking new problems in Jordan. I think this was so ungrateful; Jordan Police, King and Government have been always against attacking protesters, they even handed them water for the past months, and kept them safe for years, I don't think they would go for such stupid behavior especially at this stage, Jordan Police is known worldwide so lets keep the decisions rational, let's not punish them for couple of cases while they protect all for years, let's judge through the full picture and give the right impression to the world. If Blind-Patriots and Blind-Opposites gone modest, intellectual, educated, sober and rational then we would maintain the peaceful platform we already have, and proceed to practically reform Jordan.

"Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending, give without ending, build without rending".

These were my good, bad and ugly observations, what are yours? Comment your thoughts here, or submit new articles to link them to your own profile.

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Protests In Jordan, The Good The Bad and The Ugly! [مظاهرات الاردن]

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Mohammed thats it 22 October 2011
-1 #7
yiwu agent 19 March 2011
I hope you have a nice day! Very good article, well written and very thought out. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.
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Rani Dababneh 05 March 2011
Nancy, thanks.. well because people here are so emotional they request quick fixes for huge problems.. former Rifai Government worked under a challenging stage, trying to fix and cope with a global economic crisis. Unfortunately people here are not big fans of long term goals!

Mahmoud, I agree Jordan regime is so different; wise, blessed and open to all. I hope government, parliament and people would listen and reform themselves too :)
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mahmoud 04 March 2011
i believe we have something different in jordan, the nature of our regime is promising unlike the other revolutionry regimes in the arab world. when it comes to the muslim brothers, i think they have hidden agenda & regional connection.
may allah protect jordan :-*
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Nancy Onyett 26 February 2011
I like your philosophy in reform through positive protests. I just don't understand the dynamics as to why the King replaced his cabinet. :-)
+1 #3
Rani Dababneh 25 February 2011
Mohammed, I agree.. somethings need to be changed and developed, peaceful protests with micro solutions will push people in charge forward.

Emi, I didn't say that self-reform is the only reform, what I'm saying is that it's the start of a healthy one. I've been living in Jordan since almost 27 years, and I'm telling you self-reform has worked with many here; some poor people worked hard and found their way legally based on the safe & free platform provided, others did not yet because we also need to reform couple of laws, fix corruption, and find more resources in order to deal with the global economic crisis and high prices. We should start with the man in the mirror then move to the team work, we all should work hard for the best of our country. :-)
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Emi 25 February 2011
I'm very sorry, but hard work and self-reform simply doesn't always pay in Jordan and saying otherwise is naive.

When prices sky-rocket and when the taxation system is socialist in nature without the tangible benefits of a socialist economy (quality health care for all, quality education for all, etc.), hard work and self-reform at best lead to the bare minimum of sustainment for many, especially for those with large families. This is turn drives the "wasta" system and corruption.

Reforms WILL be hard work and the entire country will need to work hard and reform in all ways, of course.
+1 #1
Mohammed Gharaibeh 25 February 2011
There is alot of things that needs change, we cant count them because we have so much to fix, protests should be calm without violence, the main purpose of these protests is to deliver a message to the ppl in charge to take action coz its t...he right time to fix things here in Jordan and to take care of all the corruption we have, again no violence should happen whatsoever and protests shouldn't be a trend to do on Fridays coz we are bored and we want to meet our friends while doing something new :=) we want Jordan to be the best country in the whole world.
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