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Jordan Blog Tech Zain HSPA+ Broadband to rock the Internet in Jordan

Zain HSPA+ Broadband to rock the Internet in Jordan

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04 March 2011 22:49 |

Internet in Jordan will be rocked with the Evolved HSPA [HSPA+] 21.6Mbps broadband connection, on a solid network that is covering 97% of Jordan, Zain, a pioneer telecommunication provider in Jordan, as another record to be added to the List of HSPA+ Networks, that includes 12 countries only!
[HSPA+: Evolved High-Speed Packet Access, wireless broadband standard defined in 3GPP]

Internet Connection Speed In Jordan

Zain 21.6Mbps Broadband will be released to all soon, but I had the chance to start using it since yesterday as a giveaway from Zain to review for one month. It has been interesting so far, I just had to call Zain Customer Care to request activation for my SIM/USIM card, wait for approximately half an hour, then plug and play. First thing I did was for sure a connection speed test; results: Download Speed: 4.42Mbps [5MB File downloaded in 10 sec, 35MB in 1 min], and Upload Speed: 3.26Mbps. Connection speed depends on the USB Modem, and Location;  HUAWEI USB modem given away is up to 7Mbps.

Zain Broadband JordanI couldn't use my Data & SMS SIM Card to connect through my mobile or Galaxy Tab, I asked the customer care again and they said that will happen soon, for now it can be only used along with the USB Modem.

I know you are asking about the prices now, but none is released yet. Enjoy the speed, stay away from tickets, plug and play.

Zain Broadband

Key Features

  • HSPA+ / HSPA / UMTS. EDGE / GPRS / GSM 1900 / 1800 / 900 / 850 MHz
  • Download speed up to 21.6Mbps. Upload speed up to 5.76Mbps
  • Micro SD Card Slot (up to 32G). Equalizer and receive diversity
  • Data and SMS services. External antenna interface
  • Plug and Play

USB Modem System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2 / SP3, Windows Vista SP1 / SP2, and Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 with latest upgrades
  • Hardware system should meet the recommended requirements for the installed OS version
  • Standard USB interface
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Zain HSPA+ Broadband to rock the Internet in Jordan

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WhatISBestISP 05 November 2011

WE have Zifi at work, and it never exceeded more than 5MBps. and Its really bad compared to old CPE, There is no stable connection/speed.
Speed vary from time to time. Like speed 5MBps other less than 1MBps.

Even my friends moving to another companies because of their prices and Very limited Quota, Same with me(ADSL).

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Omar Bani Hani 10 March 2011
Speeds above 7.2Mbps hasn't been tested through yet, because most people go with the 5GB per month offer, which is supplied along with a HUWAIE Modem that is -technically- only able to deliver 7.2mbps , im buying the 20GB per month dongle soon, and i'll see what's up, but with the aforementioned dongle i tried that my friend bought, i was able to get a good 5mbps from Mowaqar area, which is the worst area when it comes to internet services and i must say...

I am really impressed :lol:
0 #5
Maher 09 March 2011
i tried zain's 2MB connection and it was one of my worst nightmares... call center is one of the worst ever, they always manulplated with my quota, and when i ask them to send me the details where do i spend it, they send me an excel sheet that anyone could wrote or maybe its a sheet they have just to forward for anyone who asks for his quota... normal download speed, i got 8MB connection from tedata and it rocks, the good thing about it, is the upload speed, its really good, since most of the companies give 512 max as upload speed, ping is too high since the distance is less than 50miles... so in my opinion expensive no good technology... lets hope they could pick up the marketing lies, though i wont buy anything Zain's would sell, even changed my phone number cause of the customer service.
0 #4
Eithar 07 March 2011
Zain always lie in their advertisements , All 3G Cells reach capacity of 21 Mbps (capable) , but this is not what you get , You almost get in avaeage after having customer is about 3-2 Mbps. This range is the same as Orange which also has 21 Mbps (announced last month). Dongle for 21 Mbps or evn 14.4 Mbps is very expensive and not given by any operator and will not.
-1 #3
Mostafa 05 March 2011
forgive my idiocy :) never saw it :o .. don't know how :lol:

well anyway, this is the main reason why i haven't activated any 3G plan on my Orange phone .. just waiting to see the 2 differences .. 1 of them has been successfully satisfied :D
+2 #2
Rani Dababneh 05 March 2011
Yes, as I have mentioned above, my USB Modem is up to 7Mbps (I have just marked it as bold), so yes that's why.
I hope we can try the 21.6Mbps Modem soon :-)
0 #1
Mostafa 05 March 2011
Hmmm ... one a first look, i thought ZainJo could do better .. since their towers should give up to 21.6Mbps .. and the Max i've seen from all the testers was around 7.3Mbps .. which is believe me, NOT impressive ..

UNLESS the modem has a limit of 7.2Mbps because of Hardware restrictions .. then that's a whole different story
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