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Jordan Pictures | صور الأردن

Jordan Pictures | صور الأردن

نواب الاردن 2011 مع الجريمة ضد مماعيط الذنب - يا فرحتي
مجلس النواب في الاردن 2011، المضحك الباكي، ما زال يفاجئنا بمخرجاته غير...
Between South Korea and Finland lies the future of Jordan [Reform Education in Jordan]
If I had to name one figure in the news world that would make me appreciate every moment I spend watching/following him/her, it would...
Jordan General Amnesty Law, Mercy VS Justice, and Why I'm Not a Big Fan! [Pardon Law Extended!]
Jordan General Amnesty Law, or Pardon Law, has been issued on June 2011, covering criminal cases excluding those convicted of espionage,...
Your Majesty, thank you so much, but I forgot to tell you .. سيدنا، شكراً كتير، بس نسيت احكيلك
تشرفت بلقاء جلالة الملك عبدالله الثاني المعظم مجدداً، بعد إجتماع الشباب ...
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