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Jordan Pictures | صور الأردن

Jordan Pictures | صور الأردن

إلى حكومة الاردن الجديدة .. إوعدينا تفحصي
آخر حكومة انتقالية وآخر رئيس وزراء معيّن من قبل الملك، حسب وعوده شخصياً...
Jordan General Amnesty Law, Mercy VS Justice, and Why I'm Not a Big Fan! [Pardon Law Extended!]
Jordan General Amnesty Law, or Pardon Law, has been issued on June 2011, covering criminal cases excluding those convicted of espionage,...
Between South Korea and Finland lies the future of Jordan [Reform Education in Jordan]
If I had to name one figure in the news world that would make me appreciate every moment I spend watching/following him/her, it would...
رسالتي الشفويه إلى جلالة الملك عبدالله الثاني، في لقاء الملك مع الشباب الاردني
[English Version: Why is the king meeting Jordanian youth, and taking notes? [My letter to King Abdullah II]بعد أن وصلتني...
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